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Our Philosophy

The more efficient your terminology and translation management, the better the quality and the lower the costs of your documentation and translation projects - and this is especially true for multilingual teams and projects. Furthermore, on the basis of professional terminology and translation management you can grant that any kind of your technical communication will be intelligible.

Due to these facts, the interest in professional terminology and translation management has grown considerably in the last few years and, simultaneously, the interest in the respective specialist software.

This entails a considerable need for customer-specific consulting and assistance. Commercially available software solutions often do not cover all of a company's requirements. Solutions developed by the company itself in most cases are implemented without the required terminological and/or language knowledge. These facts often lead to solutions which do not sufficiently cover the actual requirements with respect to useability and data exchange.

TermSolutions® 'fills the gap' in providing intense, easily intelligible consulting and training. We take the individual situation of the customer into account, including the given goals and tools. Together with our customer, we evaluate the pros and cons and decide for the solution which is technically and economically best in the respective customer's situation.